Article I - Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference or KAIAC.

Article II - Purpose and Definition of the Organization

Article III - Membership

Article IV - Governance

Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference or KAIAC will be operated by a two-tier governance structure consisting of a Council of Heads-of-Schools/Superintendents and a Governing Board of a representative from each member school, normally the athletic director.

Council of Heads of Schools

Section I - Representation

The Council will consist of the Head-of-School from each member school. Although the Head of School may designate alternates to represent him/her, the head of school/superintendent is strongly encouraged to attend these meetings.

Section II - Operation

Meetings shall be held two times during the school year (normally August and May) with a third meeting, if possible, in February. Additional meetings may be called on the formal request of a majority of the member schools. The presiding facilitating head-of-school will notify the member school heads no less than seven (7) calendar days prior to each meeting.

The presence of representatives from at least 60% of member schools at any called or regularly scheduled meeting of the Council of Heads-of-School shall constitute a quorum sufficient for transacting any business for KAIAC.

The conference may be abolished by a minimum of a 90% approval vote of all member schools. All remaining funds in the treasury will be divided among member schools on the following basis:

Governing Board

Section I - Representation

The Governing Board will consist of a representative from each member school composed of the athletic director or activities director. The principal may designate an alternate to represent his/her school at official board meetings. The Governing Board may also be simply referred to as “the Board.”

Section II - Operation

The presence of representatives from at least 60% of member schools, at any called or regularly scheduled meeting of the conference governing board, shall constitute a quorum sufficient for transacting any business for KAIAC. If all member schools are not present and a major voting issue is discussed, the missing school(s) will be consulted by telephone or email before the final vote is taken.

Article V - Officers

Section I - Term and Nomination

The conference Governing Board shall elect a president, secretary, treasurer, and historian (one each for Blue, Red and White Divisions) from within the board. An election will be held each year at the May meeting. The term of office extends from 1 June through 31 May. Nominations for elected positions shall be submitted to the conference President before the May meeting.

Section II - Officers’ Duties

Article VI - Finances

Section I - Dues and Fees

Each member school shall pay a tournament fee and annual dues which consists of a flat fee plus an additional amount per student enrolled in grades 6-12 as of September 15 of that school year. The tournament fee, flat fee, and amount per student will be determined at the May governing board meeting and will be based upon an approved budget. “Probationary status” schools will also be required to pay all dues and fees. Fees are payable to the KAIAC treasurer by November 1 of each school year. Dues shall be used to purchase team and individual awards, fine arts guest conductor honorariums, printing fees for constitutions, website fee, and other supplies. The tournament fees shall pay for officiating costs at the varsity and JV (May 2016) team sports tournaments held in each of the divisions.

Section II - Annual Budget

The KAIAC Governing Board President, with the assistance of the KAIAC Treasurer, will submit a proposed annual budget for the following school year by the March meeting. The board will review and endorse the annual budget, which will be submitted to the KAIAC Council for review and consideration for approval. This budget will include tournament fees and any changes to the dues or the formula for determining such fees. Budget approval requires a minimum of a two-third approval vote of all member schools present.

Section III - Audits

Audits will be performed upon dissolution; when loss, theft, or mismanagement occurs; or as directed by the conference board. Audits will also be performed upon a change of treasurer.

Article VII - Liability

KAIAC is a non-profit unincorporated organization that qualified schools voluntarily enter into membership to provide a program of interscholastic activities for their students. Because of this status, KAIAC and its 

members cannot be held liable by individuals, school(s), businesses, or other organizations. KAIAC schools should make all efforts to inform its constituency that it cannot be held liable for such things as medical injuries; schedule changes; or official rulings. Member schools must carry medical and liability insurance to cover their students’ participation in KAIAC activities with the exception of DoDDs schools, who have agreed to provide the standard level of care for anyone that is on the military installation.

Article VIII - Amendments

This KAIAC Constitution and/or By-Laws may be amended at the annual May Council meeting with a two-third vote of members attending. Those amendments will become effective the following school year (see below)

beginning in August. Any amendment to be voted on must be circulated in writing to all member schools not less than 30 days in advance of the date of voting.

Article IX - Ratification

This constitution shall become effective upon approval of 100% of the conference governing board. An authorized signature, preferably the high school principal, from each member school will be required in August of each school year.